Fase 2

Zoals internationale standaarden het voorschrijven, is intense meditatietraining noodzakelijk voor trainers in opleiding. Fase 2 omvat retraitedagen en meditatiedagen.

  • Voor de basisopleiding (basisattest): 8 dagen
  • Voor volledige opleiding (certificaat) : 8 dagen plus de 5 daagse “Dharma & vipassana”

Inhoud basis

De 3 verplichte meditatiedagen:

  • Inzicht & Mededogen
  • Jezelf Accepteren met mindfulness en zelfcompassie
  • Hartmeditaties

5 stilte retraitedagen ( 5 opeenvolgende nachten) in de traditie van inzichtmeditatie (zen, mindfulness of Vipassana). Retraites in het kader van meditatieve verdieping die men vroeger volgde, kunnen ook geldig zijn nadat we de inhoud van deze dagen kennen (folder of brochure doorsturen).
Bij de FAQ opleidingen vind je meer informatie over retraites.

Extra voor volledige opleiding tot certificaat

De 5 daagse retraite met Christina Feldman & John Peacock: Dharma & vipassana retraite (for mindfulness trainers)

Retreat: Dharma & vipassana ( for mindfulness trainers)

Insight meditation (vipassana) is the simple and direct practice of moment to moment mindfulness. Through careful and sustained observation of the mind/body process and all the ways we engage with a changing world, we learn to cultivate a deeper calm and equanimity in the midst of pleasure and pain, fear and joy, sadness and happiness. As insight deepens, wisdom and compassion increasingly become the guiding principles of our lives.

This retreat offers the opportunity for teachers of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, and others connected with the field of mindfulness-based interventions in medicine and psychology, to extend and deepen their own personal experience of mindfulness meditation which is a core requirement for using these approaches.

This retreat will primarily be held in silence with a full daily schedule of sitting and walking meditation practice, interviews, daily talks, meditation instruction and group dialogues. A typical day begins at 6.30 am and finishes at 9.30 pm.

For mindfulness trainers

The retreat is for professionals who are using mindfulness-based approaches within their work and it is suitable for those new to meditation as well as those with experience. Its aim is to provide an opportunity to develop personal meditation practice as an underpinning to work with mindfulness-based approaches and so there will not be a focus on specific clinical skills.

Aankomende evenementen

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