Mindfulness groepen begeleiden
(Teaching mindfulness-based groups)

This teacher training (in English) aims to enhance the skills of trainees, focusing on effectively facilitating group learning within a safe and connected community.

Over two days, participants will engage in mindfulness-based group activities, practice various experiential exercises in both small and large groups, and partake in discussions and didactic sessions.

These experiences will help trainees learn to manage group dynamics and individual
needs simultaneously, enhancing the collective learning experience.

Key learning goals for teaching mindfulness-based groups include:

  1. Inside Out Embodying: Trainees will develop the ability to be fully present while teaching, maintaining awareness of both internal body sensations and the group’s dynamics. This involves embodying mindfulness principles such as recognizing automatic mental habits and returning to present moment awareness.
  2. Reading the Group: Trainees will learn to apply groupwork theory and understand body language to gauge the group’s progress and needs, helping the group reach its full learning potential.
  3. Holding the Group: This involves creating a safe and supportive environment for
    the group, tailored to its specific stage and character.
  4. Befriending the Group: Trainees will cultivate a warm, grounded, and authentic relational approach, fostering kindness, compassion, and appreciation within the group.

Opmerking: het oefenen kan tijdens deze dagen in het Nederlands.

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