Intention – essential training for mindfulness teachers

I AM essential training for mindfulness teachers

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What is your intention?

What is your intention as a mindfulness teacher? What is your purpose and intention in life?

What are your students intentions for practicing mindfulness? Do they know? Are they clear?

This essential training

This one day online training has been designed to answer these questions and many more. It equips you with the essential knowledge you need to teach mindfulness well.

The training will help you to better understand intention and how it can benefit you and your students.

The three essential components in the mindfulness process

In 2006, Shauna Shapiro broke down the mindfulness process into three essential components:

  1. Intention
  2. Attention
  3. Attitude

ATTENTION is WHAT we practice. We pay attention to our moment to moment experience.  We recognise that our mind will wander into thoughts of the past and future. We have an

INTENTION to bring our attention back again and again.

ATTITUDE is HOW we practice. Central to mindfulness practice is an attitude of acceptance, openness, curiosity, and kindness. Old patterns show up again and again, but as best we can, we accept them with openness, curiosity and kindness.

Intention is why we practice. Intention is the reason why people decide to learn mindfulness, and why they keep on practicing. Intention is a very important aspect of mindfulness training that is frequently overlooked or ignored by mindfulness teachers.

Intention underpins everything we do both at conscious and unconscious level. According to author Andrew Wallace, “Intention is the most underrated  power in the universe”