On demand

Deal positively with stress

This training works around seven specific daily situations, and for each one, three solutions are offered. We start at getting up in the morning, your mood you start the day with, the traffic, the first contact with a difficult colleague … until late in the evening, back to bed! Insights, mindfulness tips and experience exercises are suggested, so anyone can go home with concrete tools.

Mind & heart @work

In five to seven sessions, learn to apply mindfulness in all its aspects.

This course is an application of mindfulness in a busy and demanding work environment, where attention, stress and work/life balance stand in the foreground. In seven steps we are working around work-life balance with the aim of a better quality of life, an inner equilibrium, respectful communication, learning to think strategically and preventing burnout.

Risk analysis stress and burnout

In cooperation with our partner Better Minds at Work.
We offer companies the possibility to perform a psycho-social stress risk analysis. In response to the law about burnout prevention (September 2014) Belgian companies are expected to identify the stressors in the workplace. We take it a step further: scientific research shows clearly that a successful anti-burnout policy is only successful when helping the so-called energy sources are taking care off. What gives your staff that extra energy and what ensures that he / she is experiencing more enthusiasm and passion for the work?

With our analysis we figure that out, specifically for your company, according to the legislation. We take this obligation as an opportunity to actually make some changes in your business. Based on the results of this (online) analysis, you will receive a report and action plan to tackle both stressors and energy sources in the short and long term. Do you not only want to tackle stress but also the enthusiasm and resilience of your employees? Contact us for an appointment in which we explain our unique approach in detail.

Resilience in difficult times.

Difficult times call not to work “harder”, but smarter.
At work many challenges may occur. Sometimes at home things are difficult as well. Therefore, the burden becomes greater than your strength to cope with it. The danger is that we do more of what’s not right for ourselves and for our work. This is not good for anyone.
During this day, you learn practical steps to tackle this. Insights from positive psychology, stress management, mindfulness and life coaching are the key points of this training.

What will you learn?
• 4 steps 4 to rebound.
• 4 steps to rebound onwards.
• 4 steps to increase your basic resilience.

This day is offered exclusively In Company. Required: to have followed at least one intense introduction to mindfulness. Each participant will receive a syllabus, three reminder cards and a double CD.

Mindfulness in communication

Good communication within the team is the best foundation of good cooperation. Good communication with customers meanwhile is the basis of trust, efficiency and growth.
• You will learn to look at the interaction of the system.
• You learn to approach a conflict in a emotionally and socially intelligent way.
• You communicate based on the overall picture.
• You avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.
• You give ‘nonviolent’ feedback.
• You know what values you want to bring into your communications.

Mindful Leadership & Coaching

As a manager it is a challenge to relate constantly to the constant stream of changes. Changes in the environment and within the organization, but also changes in the staff and not forgetting yourself. This requires an attitude of attention, clarity, acceptance, respect, compassion and inner strength. From this position, you can stand firm and see and do what is necessary.

Mindful chair yoga

Mindful chair yoga can be followed wearing a suit and with your shoes on! The sessions will be mainly focused on anti-stress, mindful move and breathe, ergonomics, relaxation and opening of body and mind.

After a warm-up we do very accessible postures (asanas) in a gentle way,with letting go and awareness as focus. The exercises given you can do while working on your chair, so you take care of your neck, back, wrists, concentration … The session is closed by a breathing exercise that connects the cerebral hemispheres and balances, and a guided relaxation.

Gentle relaxation music helps to relax and bring attention inward. Because yoga starts from the body and from conscious movement and from breathing, it is a very accessible way to bring to your attention in the here and now and to experience greater well-being, both physically and mentally.

Why would you do business with yoga?
• Anti-stress management has become an important part of the work environment … Discover how effective this mindful yoga can help!
• De-stress, relax.
• Increase your concentration and mental capacity after a refreshing and revitalizing session.
• Stay healthy and mobile.
• Take care of your back, neck and shoulders in a sitting job.
• Avoid depression and burnout.
• Increase your overall wellbeing in your job and work environment.

In the mindful yoga package a practice booklet which contains some basic exercises is also offered. The exercises are explained and drawn. So you can regularly maintain the exercises at your desk and enjoy it every day.