Mindful leadership and resilience

Change has become the norm and we face challenges every day. Yet many of us do not seem to get used to this reality and often experience resistance within their selves or from others. How can mindfulness and compassion serve you as a leader to surf these waves of change in life?

Through attention exercises, reflections and insights from neuro-science, this workshop will allow you to obtain a deeper and clearer understanding of yourself, of what drives you, of your relationships with others and the organisation as a whole. These are essential elements for a durable, warm and sincere company culture.

A mindful leader:

  • is honest with himself
  • knows what he or she wants for himself and for the organisation
  • does an effort to understand and manage his inner world.
  • takes responsibility for his or her behaviour
  • is aware of his or her impact on others and the organisation as a whole and
  • wants to give the best version of himself

Mindful leadership offers participants:

  • insight into the reflex brain, compassion brain and rational brain
  • insight in how the brain reacts to change and how you can support yourself and others through the change process
  • knowledge about the influence of your brain on decision-making processes and how to optimally make use of such processes
  • deeper insight and resilience
  • practical tips to prevent burn-out
  • discoveries on how to trust yourself more, to develop and to face challenges with an attitude of confident compassion
  • insight into and attention for your deeper values: your internal compass and the basis for intrinsic motivation
  • a way to relate in a connecting way to others in difficult situations through the application of the basic principles of nonviolent communication
  • an introduction to the model of the samurai, offering a deeper insight into the 4 core qualities you need to perform optimally.

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