The Institute for Attention & Mindfulness (I AM) is a non profit organisation that was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Dewulf.

Over the years, I AM has grown into an enthusiastic team of 20 professional collaborators who were trained and certified by I AM and who all have extensive work experience in the health care sector.

I AM organizes trainings for individuals ( also for children and teens) in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The institute also organizes summer retreats and theme days and educates health care professionals to become certified mindfulness trainers.

In addition, I AM has conducted scientific research about the benefits of mindfulness in collaboration with the universities of UGent and KULeuven.



In 2001, Dr. David Dewulf decided to spread mindfulness as large as possible, founding the Institute for Attention & Mindfulness (I AM).

The main goal is to help people cope with the inevitable difficulties and challenges they encounter in their lives. And to build happiness for people of all ages.

In 2009, compassion became an integrated part of the offer, and from 2012 non-violent communication joined as well. I AM wants to contribute to sincerity and solidarity in society, and help to build a better world.

I AM aims at a society in which engagement and active citizenship are a logical consequence of giving conscient and kind attention to oneself and to one another, no matter what differences there may be between people.

I AM has five founding values that the organization expresses on different levels: in the offer, in partnerships and in the organizational culture. Those values show the direction for developing our offer and our activities.

Through research, knowledge, experience and dialogue, I AM develops its offer, integrating new insights and making choices. Seeing clearly what people and organizations around us need, makes our work reliable and strong.

Compassion & empathy
I AM accentuates above all, the human being. It is important to be there for each other and to be together for a bigger goal. Lover, understanding and kindness are essentials for I AM and her employees, the trainers and the public.

From the haert of the organization, I AM continuously looks for positive commitment. Based on the the force of common humanity, I AM takes civil responsability to build a network of people and organizations who work together for well-being and solidarity.

I AM chooses transparance and sincerity. This also means taking responsibilities and working on open communication.

Without the help, insight and investment of lots of people, I AM would not be able to achieve her goals. Loyalty is therefore a consequence of our gratitude.



I AM intends to positively drive change in society through MFN and HFN, from the core elements embodying I AM’s vision and using the organization’s expertise. Based on the statement that mentally and physically healthy people can build a healthy society, I AM’s focus is to expertly guide people in taking care of their own mind and body, and of others. To this end, I AM invests in:


I AM invests in eert in health, self-care and dialogue for young and old. The basical offer consists of:

  • Courses preventing stress, depression and burn-out Courses preventing stress, depression and burn-out
  • Specific courses for employees and organizations
  • Deeper insights through (self)compassiontraining, resilience and non-violent communication

I AM supports the new generation of kids and teens through different activities:

  • Mindful Kids training for kids from 6 to 12 years.
  • Mindful Kids training for kids from 6 to 12 years.
  • Mindful Teens training fort eens from 13 to 18 years.
  • Workshops Mindful education for parents and other educators.
  • Mindfulness at school for pupils, teachers and directions.
  • Specific projects (Mindfulness4school in Flanders, 2016-2017; Young Heart & Mind in Brussels, 2017)

I AM takes care of visibility and accessibility of Mindfulness and Compassion:

  • Through our own trainers network with an offer with specific attention for accessibility for all people.
  • Offering courses on demand for specific proefessions, like doctors and social assistents.
  • Creating partnerships with other health- and welfare organiszations, both nationally and internationally.
  • Through scientific research with universities
  • Through scientific research with universities – Through specific days, as the “I AM Mindful-day”

I AM also aims to reach specific target groups with a high risk of depression and burnout, depending on different funds and projects:

  • For people in poverty
  • For people in poverty
  • For highly sensitive people
  • For people with chronical pain or illness – Through specific days as the congress “Burn-out & resilience”



Would you like to contribute the realization of our mission?

  • Propose concrete projects and initiatives and cooperate in the implementation
  • Propose concrete projects and initiatives and cooperate in the implementation
  • Recommend initiatives for our various focus groups such as children and schools
  • Support with a financial contribution to carry on projects and offer services to participants with limited income possibilities

A big part of our revenues goes to good causes such as Mindfulness for children with cancer and Mindfulness for the economically and socially excluded.
Would you also like to contribute to a healthier society and give your support?
Contact us on contact@aandacht.be and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.