This program is suitable for everyone who wants to cope better with the challenges of everyday life. No prior knowledge is required. It is scientifically substantiated and makes you more resistant against stress, anxiety, worry, pain and depression.

Mindfulness @ work

Mindfulbiz has placed mindfulness in a broader context to suit the needs of companies and organisations. We also talk about other techniques and attitudes for dealing with problems more attentively and consciously.

Compassion & self compassion

Learn the power of mindfulness and compassion. Applications and importance for life, work, focus, mental and emotional balance.
Mindfulness cultivates attention to the only moment we have at hand: the present moment.

FAQ Mindfulness

Mindfulness focuses on increasing present moment awareness, the here and now-experience. The purpose is to recognize and accept reality as is, without bias from emotional reactions or mental distortions and without reacting to automatic behavioural patterns. Our untrained attention is continually focussed on getting more of what is experienced as pleasant (attachment) and on avoiding what is experienced as unpleasant (aversion). A certain standard which can never be achieved is aimed for. This creates a persistent unhappiness about how things are. Happiness is sought for outside oneself and in the future. Attention travels restless from past to future and gets stuck in worries, feelings of guilt, fear,…