For professionals (NL)

David Dewulf is the author of many books on Mindfulness and (Self)Compassion. Some of his books have been translated in French and German. On this page you will find the books for health care professionals, available in Dutch.


An eight-week roadmap for health care professionals

A practical 8-week step-by-step program to enable care givers to deal with stress and depression, with a separate chapter on burnout. It includes free downloads: syllabus for participants, summaries of the 8 sessions for trainers and a collection of 21 inspiring texts to read during the sessions. In this book, David Dewulf explains the full training of the scientifically based, 8-week MBSR-MBCT program. MBCT stands for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and MBSR stands for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Step by step the structure and content of the lessons are discussed on the basis of theory, exercises, case studies, meditations and group interactions. That makes it an indispensable book for caregivers and mindfulness teachers.



David Dewulf is tireless in his quest to learn and to teach how the truths of ancient practical wisdom may be made relevant to the daily lives of people who often feel overwhelmed by the demands of the twenty-first century. The ideas in his book, put into practice day by day by thousands of people, have been scientifically proven to be effective in transforming lives. Here he gives insights to teachers on how to gradually learn the deep skills needed to invite participants to understand and practice mindfulness.

Prof Mark Williams, Co-Author of Mindfulness: “Finding Peace in a Frantic World”

Besides its intrinsic richness and proven effectiveness MBCT has another feature that is very important from a scientific point of view: it is reproducible because the methodology of the program is set in a step-by-step program, a description of the path which is passed through the 8 sessions. Herein lies the importance of this book; it offers readers a unique insight into the methods of the mindfulness program. The book is a fascinating combination of rich experiences and science. That is only possible because of the vast experience in the study and practice of mindfulness that David Dewulf has built up over many years. He empowered hundreds of people and shared his wisdom by familiarizing them with the techniques of mindfulness in the 8-week program, which are described in this book. In addition, he is an inspiring mentor with a great passion to make mindfulness available to as many people as possible. This book is a very important step on this path.

Prof. dr. Kees van Heeringen – University of Gent



A roadmap for healthcare professionals

An evidence-based mindfulness training for teens. This book provides a step-by-step training program for young people who are experiencing stress, worry, intense emotions and mood swings. The training has been scientifically researched and based on the known evidence-based programs for MBSR stress management, MBCT for managing and prevention of depression. The book is written for professionals working with young people aged 14 to 24 years. The book describes step by step the construction of the lessons and the course that is offered to young people. Also included, information about the rationale, theory, meditations and group interactions.  The book also contains many practical examples.