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WorkplaceMT is an evidence informed approach which has been evaluated, researched and refined to meet the challenges of the modern day workplace over 4 years. It started life in the Oxford Mindfulness Centre based on Mark Williams and Danny Penman’s book, Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world’.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) has an emphasis on developing skills to help people to manage the mind, a valuable ability in the modern day workplace. MBCT was designed to be taught by clinicians and therapists to people who are unwell. Professor Mark Williams and Danny Penman adapted MBCT into a self-help format, designed for use with a healthy population.


WorkplaceMT is based on this model of MBCT mindfulness teaching. It was initially adapted into mindfulness at work training by The Mindfulness Exchange, and then further adapted and refined over a four year period.


WorkplaceMT helps employees to develop mindfulness skills over a six week period. Employees attend a 60 or 90 minute training session each week delivered by suitably experienced trainers on your premises. Each week participants learn new techniques to improve performance, leadership, well-being and resilience, which they then practice each day and apply to their work.


Unlike traditional MBSR and MBCT, which are designed for use by therapists and clinicians, WorkplaceMT is designed specifically for those looking for mindfulness at work training which meets the needs of leaders, managers and employees who wish to develop mindfulness. It’s designed to be taught in a standard meeting room, without the need for additional equipment or unusual room layouts. Unlike MBSR and MBCT, WorkplaceMT was designed by a specialists in learning design.





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