Update MBCT: latest developments and teaching methods


za 12/10/2019 09:45 - zo 13/10/2019 17:00


Ruth Baer


Magerstraat 107
9070 Destelbergen (Gent)


Deze training wordt in het Engels gegeven, in samenwerking met Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC).

De eerste dag duurt van 9u45 tot 17u45.
De tweede dag duurt van 9u15 tot 17u.

Overnachting is niet inbegrepen. Kijk hier voor een B&B in de buurt indien je wenst te overnachten.


  • Eigen lunch
  • Schrijfgerief en papier
  • Gemakkelijk zittende kledij
  • (Yoga)matje
  • Eventueel zitkussen voor meer comfort


Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is an adaptation of mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) that integrates mindfulness meditation practices with methods from cognitive therapy in an eight-week class format. Strong empirical evidence supports its efficacy in reducing relapse and recurrence in adults who have experienced three or more episodes of depression. Research also suggests that MBCT can be applied to a variety of other mental health problems across a range of settings.

The first day of this training will focus on scientific and professional updates in mindfulness-based programs (MBPs). Research-related topics will include assessment of mindfulness, efficacy of MBPs, mechanisms of change, and the effects of mindfulness training on kindness, compassion, and empathy. Professional issues will include adaptations of MBCT using the warp and weft framework, a brief introduction to two newer curricula (MBCT for Life and Finding Peace in a Frantic World), and the Mindfulness-Based Interventions – Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC).

The second day of the training will focus on ethical issues in mindfulness-based programs. Topics will include implicit ethical foundations, the role of professional ethics, Buddhist and secular perspectives, protecting course participants from harm and adverse events, and ethical communication about mindfulness.

As a preparation for this 2-day workshop, it will be helpful to read:

Baer, R. A. (2015). Ethics, values, virtues, and character strengths in mindfulness-based interventions: A psychological science perspective. Mindfulness, 6, 956-969.

You can download a pdf of this article here


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