Mindfulness training (mind&heart@work)


ma 18/02/2019 12:30 - ma 29/04/2019 13:45


David Dewulf
+32 (0)9 328 60 90


WIM building


This event is reserved for the European Parliament.

The training will be held every monday from 12.30 pm to 1.45 pm except on April 1st the training will be held from 12 pm untill 1.30 pm

Session 1:  Feb 18th  (WIM 07Z740)
Session 2 :  Feb 25th (WIM 01P100)
Session 3:  March 4th (WIM 01P100)
Session 4:  March 18th (WIM 01P100)
Session 5:  April 1st (WIM 01P100)
Session 6:  April 29th (WIM 01P100)


  • Digital syllabus
  • Audio downloads
  • 6-week follow up


This training is an application of mindfulness in a busy and demanding work environment, where attention, stress and work/life balance stand on the foreground.

You learn how to:

  • focus attention and act attentively.
  • identify stress factors and their signals.
  • break through stress cycles & dealing with emotions like irritation.
  • Switch from  ‘automatic pilot’ to conscious action with STAR.
  • approach work situations with increased awareness.
  • deal ‘wise‘ with stress and difficult situations.
  • strengthen your resilience & prevent burn-out.
  • think solution focused rather then problem focused.

You experience:

  • better resistance to stress.
  • increase in self confidence, self-worth and creativity.
  • increased efficiency and satisfaction at work
  • better problem-solving abilities.
  • greater capacity to concentrate.
  • positive influence on work relations (emotional intelligence).
  • enhanced vitality.
  • improvement in quality of life.

In the 6-WEEK FOLLOW UP you will receive tips on several subjects:

  • Session 1: Paying attention to the present moment
  • Session 2: Coming home to your life
  • Session 3: Dealing with stress
  • Session 4: Attention to your thoughts and feelings
  • Session 5: Self care
  • Session 6: Attention for your communication

This is training is MODULE A.

Depending on demand, a specialisation MODULE B will be held in 2019, with new lessons and methods for increasing wellbeing at work.