We offer several meditation days:

Mindfulness, wisdom and compassion

  • The reality of who I am now
  • Yoga from within. Yoga as a way to a complete life experience
  • “Lake”-meditation
  • Emotional exploration
  • Insight meditation: a humoristic perspective
  • Walking meditation: losing your centre and finding it again
  • Communication : expressing your totality
  • Compassion & loving kindness: self and other: meditation
  • Here and now: integration

Mindfulness and emotional wisdom

A meditative exploration of the 3 subtle habits & its antidotes:

  • being happy and content with what I have
  • allowing gentleness in my life
  • having the courage to face life’s reality

These days consist of lectures, meditation and silence

  • Day 1:

Unfulfilled desire…our search for happiness…
Attachment in our life :greed & competition, avarice & egoism…
Underlying emotional pain & fear. My reality as actuality?

  • Day 2:

Aversion, irritation, anger , hatred, violence, domination and aggression.
Underlying vulnerability, fear and emotional pain?

  • Day 3:

Delusion. Where do I fool myself? Underlying fear…The power
to take responsibility in your life.

Mindfulness, compassion and self-acceptance

  • Aversion & resistance towards myself, the painful mechanisms of defense
  • The reality of myself : accepting myself as I am now
  • Loving Kindness: cultivating your “heart” qualities
  • Connecting to your body…my body, my life
  • Embracing your shadow…room for healing
  • 2 qualities in meditation…connecting to your wounds
  • Solidarity and love

Mindfulness and stress

  • An introduction to MBSR & MBCT
  • A day full of practical exercises: yoga, bodyscan, insight meditation,…
  • Dealing with thoughts and emotions: the mindfulness perspective
  • The power of here and now: attention training
  • Your body as a safe place
  • Cultivating the qualities of your heart