Mindfulness is about being present
for the only moment we have,
the present moment !

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The “ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ” program ( MBSR ) is a method which is scientifically researched in which stress reduction and reduction of medical symptoms take a central place. MBSR is also called “attention training”.
It is successful in dealing with various medical disorders such as cancer, chronic pain, psoriasis, heart diseases, aids, high blood pressure, infertility, headache, stress related stomach- and intestine problems, sleeping disorders, fear, panic and depression.
It was developed some 25 ears ago in the US by J.Kabat- Zinn, author of the book “Full Catastrophy Living”. In the US, it is now being taught in 25 states.

In the meantime, it has spread to over 15 countries, including England, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Its enormous popularity in the medical world has in the meantime spread to schools, the legal profession, a number of prisons and is used as a general stress management system

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

More recently “ Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy ” ( MBCT ) has been developed.
MBCT is also called “Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy”. MBCT has selected the core exercises from MBSR and added some cognitive and behavioural interventions to it. MBCT can therefore focus on specific target groups. The current program has been proven efficient in preventing a relapse of depression.

The I AM institute is offering training on different places in Belgium. There are also professional workshops, lectures and symposia organised in Brussels and Leuven.

The programs consist of 8 weeks, 2 ½ hours a week. There is also possibility to follow intensive days on top of the program.
The techniques used are very simple. Recognizing reality as is, without emotional or mental bias, takes a central place. Meditation, cognitive techniques, yoga, behavioural interventions, bodyscan and training the quality of attention are some of the techniques used.