Mindfulness @ work

How do I respond to life that offers itself ‘anew’ in every moment?

J. Kornfield

Mindfulbiz has placed mindfulness in a broader context to suit the needs of companies and organisations. We also talk about other techniques and attitudes for dealing with problems more attentively and consciously.

The 7 mindfulness steps for the work place are a translation and a practical understanding of the creative principle called ‘thinking out of the box.’Together they form an applicable framework from which you can have a creative commitment with difficulties and challenges at work as well as at home.

These 7 steps will help you find a balance between feeling and thinking, leisure and work, activity and relaxation.

You learn how to:

  • focus attention and act attentively.
  • identify stress factors and their signals.
  • break through stress cycles and monitor boundaries.
  • become aware of our ‘automatic pilot’ and switch to conscious action.
  • approach work situations with increased awareness.
  • deal ‘mindfully‘ with stress, difficult situations and criticism.

You experience:

  • better resistance to stress.
  • increase in self confidence, self-worth and creativity.
  • increased efficiency and satisfaction at work
  • superior problem-solving abilities.
  • greater capacity to concentrate.
  • positive influence on work relations (emotional intelligence).
  • enhanced vitality.
  • improvement in quality of life.

The different modules

  • 3 hour Mind & heart @ work introduction
  • 6 hour Mind & heart @ work trainingsclass
  • 5 week Intensive Mind & heart @ work
  • 7 week intensive Mind & heart @ work

In every module a work book and cd are included for the participants.

Short introductions are only being offered in company.