Vision and mission

Our Mission

  • Provide an integral approach that fosters mental as well as physical health.
  • Raise awareness about how people can actively contribute to their own well-being and quality of life.
  • Offer our services on the entire territory of Flanders and the Netherlands by employing well-trained physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Offer a training program for health care professionals and the health sector in general
  • Conduct scientific research that enables for an optimal quality control and the integration of Mindfulness in health care and psychology.

Our Focus

  • Stress management, relaxation en regeneration
  • Productivity and focus at the workplace
  • Prevention of depression
  • Tackling chronic pain, fatigue and chronic illnesses
  • Providing a program adapted to the needs of children and youngsters
  • Social and economic exclusion

Our Vision

  • Every person has an inner creative potential that can be realized and be used effectively.
  • Capacities as empathy, patience and equanimity can be consciously cultivated through attention and can become an integral part of our lives.
  • Relations – as the personifications of connection – are the center of our engagement in the world.
  • Ethical action is the externalization and expression of a clear mind and an open heart.
  • Interdependence is the fundamental basis of our existence. Only by opening our hearts to others can we experience life in its full dimension. Diversity is essential for health, innovation and sustainability.
  • New perspectives and plausible solutions are the natural result of a continuous effort to be balanced and attentive in the midst of conflicting tensions and contradictions.

With many thanks to Santorelli


Would you like to contribute the realization of our mission?

  • Propose concrete projects and initiatives and cooperate in the implementation
  • Recommend initiatives for our various focus groups such as children and schools
  • Also for prisons and other institutions
  • Support in the conduction of scientific research
  • Support with a financial contribution to carry on projects and offer services to participants with limited income possibilities

A big part of our revenues goes to good causes such as Mindfulness for children with cancer and Mindfulness for the economically and socially excluded.

Would you also like to contribute to a healthier society and give your support?

Contact us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.