8 week course

8 week mindfulness course

Start Thursday evening 19th October 2017 in Brussels (Belgium)

This program is suitable for everyone who wants to cope better with the challenges of everyday life. No prior knowledge is required. It is scientifically substantiated and makes you more resistant against stress, anxiety, worry, pain and depression.

How does it work?

The training is based on two pillars: mindfulness and cognitive therapy.

Mindfulness is also called attention training. It is a meditation technique that is more than 2500 years old. Mindfulness lets you get back in touch with the power and richness of the now in every moment. Mindfulness opens up your life towards a deeper appreciation and inner freedom.

Cognitive therapy is based on the observation that negative thoughts can contribute to psychological complaints. Negative emotions can also intensify negative thoughts. Throughout the training we get deeper insight into these mechanisms and we learn to let them go.

Mindfulness cultivates attention to the only moment we have: the present moment. This allows us to live life as fully as possible, even in the most difficult moments.

What does the training consist of?

During the 8 weeks of training, we work with practical exercises and assignments.

Use is made of:

  • The breath as a source of stability
  • Physical awareness
  • Situational stress awareness
  • Insight meditation (emotions, sensations, thoughts)
  • Mini-exercises
  • Meditative yoga (lying down and standing up)
  • Solution focused techniques
  • Communication
  • Attention training
  • Health plan (focused on prevention and wellness)


Practical information

Date & Time

  • 18:45 tot 21:30
  • Thu 19th Oct 2017
    Thu 26th Oct 2017
    Thu 9th Nov 2017
    Thu 16th Nov 2017
    Thu 23th Nov 2017
    Thu 30th Nov 2017
    Thu 7th Dec 2017
    Thu 14th Dec 2017


  • Huis van het Nederlands Brussel, Philippe de Champagnestraat 23, 1000 Brussels
    Trainer: Geraldine Gobert +32  0478 13 50 69


€ 330.0


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